Sorana Cannellini Bean- RARE heirloom 35 seeds


The Sorana bean (Fagiolo di Sorana) is a type of cannellini bean originally grown near the Italian town of Sorana, along the Pescia River in the Province of Pistoia in Tuscany. Cultivation is limited to an extremely small micro-climate area with conditions considered excellent for growing this type of bean, and production is low.

The Sorana bean has incredibly thin skin and when cooked properly, an indulgent creamy texture. You can use them in your kitchen as you would any small white, European-style bean, but with an ingredient like this, simple is often better.

The vines are only moderate climbing to about 6-7’ with much of the pod set low down on the plant. In this regard, you lose some of the benefits of climbing (ie. keeping the pods off the soil in wet weather), but the early maturity tends to make it a non-issue.

Pole Bean.

Grown in California.

85 days

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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