Paprika Szegdi Hungarian Pepper - RARE Heirloom 10 seeds


Capsicum annuum. Szeged Paprika is typically associated with the best paprika in Hungary. This paprika plant spread and most paprika dishes come from the Szeged region (although there are wonderful paprikas grown in Kalocsa and other parts of the country too) and became popular by exporting to western countries in the 1930’s. Biochemist Professor Albert Szent-Györgyi got received his Nobel prize in 1937 for discovering vitamin C, which, as you may have guessed, happened to be very high content in Szeged paprika. And this fact in itself, seems to have won the Paprika Capital title for Szeged.

Medium Heat.

Grown in Tennessee.

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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The packing is Fan. Tast. Tic. Seriously - I received my seeds with lovely card stock tags that listed out germination time frame, optimal growing conditions, and the name of the seeds. It doesn’t sound like much, but the tags are similar to clothing tags, and makes it very easy to keep things straight. Hoping that the seeds will take!

Came on time, and with cool gardening tags! Love that this store offers such cool heirloom species. 5/5

Shipping was quick, can't wait to plant them.

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