Tongues of Fire Bean - RARE heirloom 15 seeds

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Tongues of Fire (Phaseolus vulgaris) have young edible stringless pods transforming into large-sized beans with a pinkish-red flame pattern intensifying as the plant ages. Sizable beans have a creamy, mild flavor. Absorb added flavors well. They can be used fresh shelled, canned, frozen, or dried for later use. Originally collected from the tip of South America, Tierra del Fuego; then sent onward to Italy.

This bush bean is not only beautiful, but it is a very tasty bean! The fresh shell beans are large and round shaped. 6-7" stringless pods are great young. An Italian bean that can be eaten fresh, frozen or canned.

60 days green, 75 days shelled, days 95 dried

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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Excellent quality, thank you very much!

they're seeds idk why etsy makes us write words lol

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