Jarrahdale Blue Pumpkin - RARE heirloom 10 seeds


The Jarrahdale Pumpkin is a medium-large heirloom pumpkin cultivar with a distinctive blue-grey peel color. Ripe pumpkins generally weigh 12-18 pounds and have pronounced ribs. This pumpkin is an excellent all-round choice, as it is well-suited to autumn decor, cooking, and for long-term storage. Jarrahdale is one of the most popular heirloom pumpkins.

Their beautiful rind is often used to decorate homes and centerpieces in the fall time. Although they aren’t the classic orange hue, these pumpkins can also be used for carving out Jack-o-Lanterns during the Halloween season.

Jarrahdale pumpkins are known to be medium, large, or even somewhat gigantic in size, depending on growing conditions. They vary in sizes anywhere between 6 to 120 pounds and can grow up to 24 inches in diameter. Not only do the pumpkins grow rapidly, but the foliage and vines can also grow up to 30 feet long and 18 inches tall.

Jarrahdale pumpkins are true gourmet cooking pumpkins. They are known for their sweet taste and are prized for use in pies, scones, soups, or stews. They are most often used for sweet dishes, but their flesh is versatile and can take on many different flavors.

It is a wonderful vegetable to use in the fall, not only because they taste good, but because they are in season and inexpensive. The Jarrahdale is also great to use for cooking because the flesh is firm and isn’t stringy, making it easy to clean out and utilize in many dishes.

100 days.

Grown in Tennessee.

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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