Large Cherry Tomato - RARE Heirloom 10 seeds


Highly vigorous–produces perfect, plump, salad-sized red tomatoes. These delicious, large, red heirloom cherry tomatoes seem to be one of the best-tasting large cherries around! Their flavor is rich, full-bodied and mildly acidic. The vining plants are very reliable; even in years when the wilt kills about everything else, these seem to do great. The fruit weigh about 1-1½ oz. each and are perfect for salads.

These two-bite tomatoes are prolific and easy to pick, hanging at comfortable heights along vines that reach skyward. Their perfect, plump size accommodates skewering, halving, and quartering for grilling and chunky salads. Fox Cherry Tomatoes grow on big, rangey vines. Unlike most cherry tomatoes, the fruits are large enough to use as regular tomatoes. They can be sliced into small rounds, or quartered, or chomped whole. Cherry tomatoes are more disease-resistant than standard varieties, and this is a particularly hardy, productive choice.

Indeterminate. Sow indoors 3-8 weeks before last frost, then transplant after frost into good garden soil. Provide support for these tall, rangey vines. Prune after they've been in the ground for 3-4 weeks to decrease soil-foliage contact, increase air flow around leaves, and establish sturdy structure. 70-80 days.

Grown in Tennessee.

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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