Armenian Cucumber - Heirloom 10 seeds


Middle Eastern Heirloom pre-1400. This long pale green cucumber with white flesh is deliciously different. If grown on a trellis the fruit will be long and straight but they will curl if grown on the ground. Fruit remains edible, tender, and tasty at a larger size than most cukes. A relative of the honey dew melon.

The Armenian cucumber is the “zucchini” of the melon family. As the cucumber grows its flesh turns from a tender zucchini-cucumber taste to something reminiscent of the crunch of a carrot and the taste of a watermelon rind. It has a light green color and smooth skin that can be eaten raw and has furrowing (or ridging) along the length of the cucumber. Though it is botanically a melon (C. melo) like a cantaloupe or a honeydew it is used like a cucumber because it tastes like one when it is the size of one.

90 days.

Grown in Tennessee.

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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