Hmong Red Cucumber - VERY RARE Heirloom 15 seeds


Red Hmong is an Asian Heirloom cucumber that can be grown in all but the coldest regions of North America.

Red Hmong or Hmong Red cucumbers originated in southeast Asia among the Hmong people of Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, and Laos.

The cucumbers are initially a pale green and morph to a golden orange as they mature. They rarely attain the full deep red color that is shown in some images.

Unlike many other cucumber varieties, they retain a mild flavor even when they are over-ripe. Average size is 4-5 inches.

The flavor is mildly melony sweet with a high water content when ripe. They sometimes have a tart flavor and occasionally are a tad bitter. The bitterness is caused by a substance known as cucurbitacin.

Cucurbitacin is a toxin that plays a role in cucumber disease resistance. The higher the concentration of this substance, the more intense the bitter taste. A very high concentration of cucurbitacin is usually triggered by some environmental stress or Nutrient Disorder and is not recurring if proper gardening practices are adhered to.

When over ripe, it is still palatable and is sometimes used to make “Cucumber Cooler” an unusual tasty drink.

60-65 days.

Grown in Tennessee.

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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