Violina Rogosa Butternut Squash - RARE heirloom 10 seeds


Violina Di Rugosa squash is medium to large in size, averaging 22-30 centimeters in length and weighing 4-5 pounds, and is cylindrical in shape with a large bulbous bottom that tapers in at the center and expands to a smaller bulbous top. Resembling a peanut, the hard, tan skin is covered in semi-rough wrinkles and grooves. The deep orange, dense flesh isn’t overly dry or watery, and the seed cavity, containing pulp and small, flat, cream-colored seeds is proportionately small, providing a greater amount of flesh. When cooked, Violina Di Rugosa has a creamy, smooth texture and a sweet, savory flavor similar to butternut squash, but with a deeper nutty undertone.

Quantity: 10 Seeds

Grown in Tennessee.

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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Adorable packaging and very quick shipping

I'm planting this today in Southwest GA.

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