Mammoth Red Mangel Beet - Heirloom 20 seeds


Harvest this delicious beet for the dinner table when young, or allow it to grow to mammoth proportions (some have reached up to 40 pounds and 6 feet long) for giant vegetable competitions or just to brag! A popular livestock feed in the 1800s, this makes a great fodder crop for the homestead. The giant roots are also used for a game called “mangold hurling.” Dating to the 11th century, the sport is still played in the UK today. Harvest the roots when small and tender; they can be sliced thin and eaten raw or cooked. Grated, the roots make a delicious beet burger! The greens are supremely tender, even as the roots swell; we have harvested yummy greens from our giant mangel for up to 6 months. The roots are endlessly useful; they can be eaten, fed to chickens, horses, cows and sheep, or used for sport!

100 days.

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