Israel Melon - RARE Heirloom 10 seeds


Simply the best tasting melon there is. If you want a first-class melon with a high sugar content that's about the most delicious melon you'll ever eat in your lifetime, you'll need to grow these. The Israel (Old Original) Melon is one of the sweetest melons and is popular among home gardeners and specialty growers alike because of their distinctive flavor. This 7-8 lb oval muskmelon has a very delicious and aromatic creamy white flesh that is fragrant and delicious with a slight taste of honey. Yellow-orange rind, no ribs or sutures and sparse netting.

80 days.

Grown in Tennessee.

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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Reviews (4)


Can't wait to plant and harvest, my all time favorite melon.

So excited to grow these seeds!! & thankful to make them a part of my garden!!

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