Rosa Bianca Eggplant - RARE Heirloom 15 seeds


A beautiful, round Italian heirloom variety with stunning, plump, tear-drop- shaped designer fruits with rosy lavender skin and alabaster flesh. The meaty and firm yet tender flesh has a delicate mild flavor, creamy consistency with no bitterness. Beautiful both in the garden and in the kitchen. Has almost disappeared from the market.

The Eggplant is a member of the nightshade (Solaneceae) family as it is akin to the potato, tomato as well as the tomatillo and chayote. Although we use the Eggplant as a vegetable it is really a fruit. The English actually gave the fruit the name of “Eggplant” referring to one variety’s shape which was similar to an egg. To much of Europe the Eggplant is referred to as an “aubergine” and in Italy it is called melanzana. The Rosa Bianca Eggplant is one of the Italian Heirloom varieties.

Best used fresh, just after harvesting. Rosa Bianca has few seeds, making it the perfect variety for grilling, baking or any other eggplant recipes. One of the simplest and most addictive ways to share and enjoy this beauty is slice fresh-picked fruit into 1/2 -3 /4" thick slices, lightly sprinkle both sides with fresh ground salt and pepper, and then drizzle with olive oil. Roast on a medium hot grill until slightly charred, then flip and repeat. Serve hot with spoons for dipping the hot eggplant and crackers.

To speed germination, soak the seed in warm water for an hour, then sow sparingly in flats or pots in sterilized seed starting mix. Provide light, heat and ventilation: bottom heat hastens germination. Two weeks after emergence (or when 2" tall), replant individual seedlings into 4" pots.

Grow eggplant in the sunniest spot you can find and provide good drainage. Eggplants have a shallow root system. They need warm soil to thrive.

70-90 days to maturity

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