Alabama Purple Hull Peas - Heirloom seeds


Most of the purple hull pea varieties produce pink-eyed beans, hence, some of the names. One variety, however, produces a larger brown bean or crowder. Called the Knuckle Purple hull, it is a compact bush variety that matures at 60 days with a resulting stronger flavor than its counterparts.

Purple Hull Peas are an excellent choice for late summer planting. Purple hull peas are a warm weather annual that can’t abide frost, so timing is essential for later crops. For early plantings, sow seeds in the garden four weeks after the last average frost date or start peas indoors six weeks prior to transplanting out into the garden. Succession crops can be sowed every two weeks. This southern pea variety is easy to grow, not fussy about the type of soil they grow in and needing very little additional fertilization. Spread 2 inches of organic matter (compost, rotted leaves, aged manure) over the bed and dig into the upper eight inches. Rake the bed smooth. Direct sow seeds 2-3 inches apart at ½ inch deep. Cover the area around the peas with a 2-inch layer of mulch; leave the seeded area uncovered and water in well. Keep the seeded area moist. Once the seedlings have emerged and have three to four leaves, thin them out to 4-6 inches apart and push the mulch around the base of the remaining plants. Keep the peas moist, not drenched. There is no other purple hull pea maintenance required. The organic matter added to the soil, along with the fact that purple hulls fix their own nitrogen, negates the necessity for additional fertilization. Depending upon the variety, harvesting time will be between 55-70 days. Harvest when the pods are well filled out and are purple in color. Shell the peas immediately, or if you aren’t using them right away, refrigerate them. Shelled peas can be held for several days in the fridge. They also freeze beautifully if you happen to have a bumper crop that can’t be eaten right away.

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