Giant Nobel Spinach - Heirloom 50 seeds


With large, green, thick, gently savoyed leaves with rounded tips and almost sugar-sweet, thin stems Giant Nobel is the best of the thick-leaved varieties. Hardy, vigorous, spreading, resistant-to-bolting, it is a reliable producer. Good choice for home and market gardens and for canning. Introduced in the Netherlands in 1926, it was an "All American Selection" winner in 1933, and remains a very popular spinach today. One of the few spinach varieties that will do well in both the cold and the heat, it is a good early season choice as it becomes sweeter with cooler weather yet also tolerates the heat longer than many others, resisting bolting and becoming bitter longer.

Spinach was probably bred from Spinacia tetranda, a wild edible green found in Nepal. In 647 AD spinach was taken from Nepal to China where it was referred to as the “Persian green.” Spinach was introduced by the Moors of North Africa to Spain in the 11th century. By the Middle Ages, spinach was grown and sold throughout the rest of Europe, and in England was known as the “Spanish vegetable.” It was not until the 1400’s that spinach became a staple in Mediterranean cooking.

40-56 Days to maturity

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