Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe Melon - Heirloom 10 seeds


This delightful little melon introduced in 1948 by the University of Minnesota produces loads of 4" fruit, sweet and juicy to the rind. Melons in general, love long, hot seasons, but this variety is specially suited to areas with a short growing season, though it can be grown anywhere. Compact, 36" plants are great for containers. Plants are Fusarium wilt resistant.

Minnesota Midget melons are a petite variety that typically do not exceed 10 to 12 centimeters in diameter, approximately the size of a softball. Resembling a miniature cantaloupe, the thin skin of the Minnesota Midget is covered in rough, tan netting and is slightly segmented by vertical ridges. Its interior flesh is a creamy bright orange hue in color and surrounds a large seed cavity. Like many muskmelon varieties, when ripe the Minnesota Midget melon will have a sweet melon fragrance full of floral and tropical aromas. Its juicy flesh has a high sugar content and offers a sweet flavor and melt in your mouth texture.

The petite size of Minnesota Midget melons makes them ideal for serving as a personal one or two serving melon. They can be halved, seeds removed and served as is or stuffed with other fruits, yogurt or granola. Peeled and sliced lengthwise they can be paired with savory accompaniments such as salted meats and robust cheeses. Puree and use as a base for cold soups, sauces, cocktails, sorbets and smoothies. Cube and add to fruit, green and grain salads. Minnesota Midget melons will keep at room temperature for three to five days after fully ripe. Cut melon will keep in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic for up to three days.

60 days

Grown in Tennessee.

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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