Rutgers Tomato - Heirloom 20 seeds


The plants are beautifully well behaved and compact for an indeterminate variety. Its fruits typically weigh about six ounces, are bright red in color, globular and slightly flattened in shape with smooth, thick walls that are crack resistant. Good for fresh slicing, cooking, juicing, as well as for canning — an excellent all-purpose variety.

Home gardeners quickly "discovered" its fine juice and canning properties. Long after it was replaced by newer varieties in the commercial tomato industry, it remains a popular home garden variety.

Good for canning, also excellent fresh; large red 8-oz globes. Good yields and flavor, large vines. A fine New Jersey heirloom.

60-100 days. Determinate.

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Seeds came nicely labeled and packaged with great instructions. I grew up eating Jersey tomatoes at my grandparents’ house and I’m really excited about these!

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