Royal Chantenay Carrot - Heirloom 25 seeds

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Chantenay Royal Carrot is an heirloom, open-pollinated variety that produces uniform carrots that are thick and chunky. This is a chantenay-type carrot that produces shorter carrots with a larger diameter than traditional carrots. This is a great variety for gardeners with heavy soils or clay soils that might usually present struggles for carrot growers. Chantenay Royal Carrots have a bright orange flesh with a crisp sweet flavor. These carrots are typically 4-5″ long and dense with great nutrients. This is a great variety for processing carrots through juicing, freezing or canning.

Carrots grow best when planted during the cooler times of the year in early spring or fall. Carrots prefer a soil temperature around 75 degrees for optimal germination. They will perform best when direct seeded and are not a good crop to transplant. Carrots require constant, adequate moisture throughout the germination process. If you are not able to water them frequently, you might consider using a tarp or covering on the soil to keep it moist until seeds germinate.

We recommend seeding carrots in a thick band along the desired row. This will ensure a solid stand of carrots and help to aid in weed control once tops get larger. Carrots are a great crop for double-row planting on drip irrigation. For this strategy, plant two rows 6″ apart, skip about 3′, then plant another two rows 6″ apart. The double row technique allows for easy weed control because the tops shade the area between the double rows. It also allows you to maximize the garden space because you can get two rows of harvest for almost the same amount of space as one row.

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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