Strawberry Crown Winter Squash - RARE Heirloom 5 seeds


A productive vining winter squash originating from Brazil producing 4-6 fruits per vine averaging 3kg per fruit. The squash have a round, ribbed, slightly flattened shape with a grey-brown color maturing with a salmon / strawberry tinge in autumn. The flavor is rich, the texture is smooth, not stringy at all like some squash.

Seed collector Mary Schultz brought this variety to America from Brazil in the 1980s. Fruits are round, slightly flattened and slightly ribbed with a gorgeous strawberry color around the top (hence the name, Strawberry Crown). The colour and sweetness intensify with storage. Excellent keeper…actually the best of our pumpkins and squashes in 2016-2017. Perfect baked or pureed. Flesh is yellow, smooth, rich and not stringy like many pumpkins.

Although this variety is originally from South America, it has been a surprise success in our shorter, northern climate. Strong vining plants with about 4 pumpkins maturing per vine (more if you have a longer growing season).

Best started early as this variety needs a good long summer to achieve its potential.

92 days

Grown in Tennessee.

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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