Neal’s Paymaster Dent Corn - RARE heirloom seeds


The first reliable two-eared dent corn. Bred from Tennessee Red Cob by William H. Neal. In 1935, a third of Tennessee’s corn crop came from this variety. Said to be a favorite of moonshiners. Thanks to Jim Culpepper for seedstock. White seed with red cobs, tolerant of sub-optimum soil and heat. Yields better than most open pollinated single-ear dent corns on moderately fertile Southern soils.

How to Grow: Plant these grain (field) when the soil is at least 55 degrees, or when dogwood leaves are the size of squirrel’s ears. Space plants at 12-24," depending on variety height, in 36" rows. Harvest for roasting when ears have just reached full size, or for dry corn when husks have fully yellowed. In other respects, follow sweet corn culture as described above. When two maturity dates are given, the first is for roasting, the second for drying and grinding.

A dent corn kernel typically has a flinty ring around a floury center; as the kernel dries the center contracts, creating a dent in the top of the kernel. Heirloom dent corns make great cornbread, hominy, and roasting ears. Some old-timers actually prefer eating the starchy dent corns in the same manner as sweet corns.

Disease Resistance: The tight husks of many dent corns gives them improved insect resistance.

100-120 days.

Grown in Tennessee.

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelope.

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